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Urges community to stay active but maintain social distancing

Effective immediately, the gates to Steen Sports Park will be closed until further notice. In response to Governor Brown’s Executive Order No. 20-12 issued earlier today, Steen Sports Park and all facilities associated with the Park, will be closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The closing of the gates comes only six days after the announcement that the doors to the Park’s indoor facilities would be closing. “Our hope was to keep the outdoor facilities open so folks could come out and stay active,” said Scott White, Interim Director at the Park.

In paragraph 20 of the Executive Order, the governor ordered “the immediate closure of all pools, skate parks, outdoor sports courts, and playground equipment.”

“The Park, by definition in the Executive Order, is being ordered to close,” said Steen Sports Park President, Mike Reeder. “We are as disappointed as anyone, but we have been taking this situation very seriously and will be complying with every directive sent down by the State.”

In addition to specifically identifying businesses ordered to close its doors, the Executive Order also directs individuals to stay at home, to the maximum extent possible, and consistent with the directives from the Governor and guidance issued by the Oregon Health Authority.

Steen Sports Park encourages people to make the best of these challenging times as it relates to their health. “Look, this is awful and by no means do we want to minimize the importance of preventing the spread of COVID-19,” said White, “But healthy activity should not be sacrificed as a result of this
situation. If you can, take advantage of being at home. Pop in a workout video, mix in some burpees, walk the stairs in your house. The Park will be here and anticipating your arrival when this order is lifted, but in the meantime, try to stay in shape and maintain a distance of six-feet from other people.”